Aftermarket Kenworth Hoods and the Benefits of Being a Truck Driver

It is probably safe to assume that the life of a truck driver is indeed quite different than the image many of you have in mind. And as many truck drivers will tell you if given the chance, you will never truly understand the life of a truck driver until you have been behind the wheel yourself.

If you are thinking that you have the gist of what it means to be a truck driver because you watched Smokey and the Bandit, Duel, White Line Fever and Convoy, well, we have some unsettling news for you.

While it is impressive that you are aware and hopefully enjoyed those vintage truck driver movies, they are hardly accurate in their portrayal of typical truck drivers.

Still, in addition to seeing the country and wearing comfortable clothes, choosing to become a truck driver has many benefits. Big Truck Hoods, your source for aftermarket Kenworth hoods, offers the benefits of being a truck driver.


Some of us have jobs in which we sit at a workstation all day long writing fascinating, compelling and informational content for a fabulous website. Which is fine until we find ourselves staring out the window yearning to be anywhere in the outdoors as opposed to locked up in a building.

If you crave independence at work and not stuck behind a pair of computer monitors, truck driving is a viable option. A truck driver has a lot of freedom between point A and their destination.


The two constants in a typical work day for truckers is the sunrise and the sunset; everything that happens between is different every single day.

Those who work in an office setting see the same people every day, get the same phone calls from the same disgruntled clients and type the same words over and over and over.

Easy on the Body

Ask anyone who works in construction to show you their hands. What you will notice is that there will be scars and probably a rather fresh cut or other wounds. This is because if you work in construction, you will suffer the frequent cut or bruise. Sometimes, the injury is far worse.

It isn’t likely that you will cut your finger or crush your foot with a 2 X 4 while driving a truck.

Job Security

The career you choose should be a stable one. Many people become truck drivers because they get tired of getting laid off.

No matter where you live or where you move to, there is sure to be plenty of truck driving opportunities. And you don’t have to worry about getting laid off.

Travel and Scenery

The United States is brimming with scenic routes and as a truck driver, you will get your fair share of picturesque sights.

It is safe to say that all truck drivers get to see their fair share of mountain ranges, landmarks and skylines.

Just remember to order your aftermarket truck hoods from Big Truck Hoods when you land that truck driving job.

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