Aftermarket Truck Bumpers and Common Road Hazards

Low bridges aren’t the only hazard that truck drivers have to deal with. Truck road hazards range significantly depending on several factors. For example, motorcycles pose much more of a potential problem for truckers in the warm months of summer.

We all know how rewarding truck driving can be. It allows independence, freedom and ever-changing scenery. Unfortunately, it can also be a dangerous business. Big Truck Hoods, your source for aftermarket truck bumpers, offer you this list of hazards truck drivers face every day.


Truck drivers need to be aware of the increased amount of deer on the roads at any given time of year. While a deer might not do too much damage to your rig, it will certainly cause issues for other drivers on the road.

The last thing you want to do is hit a deer and have it bounce off of your truck and into a vehicle coming from the opposite direction. It is critical that you keep an eye out for deer and drive with great caution in areas where they may cross the road.

Staying safe on the road requires you to be aware of your surroundings at all times.


Leaves offer wonderful color while you drive, but they can be a huge hazard on the road in the fall. Fall is typically a rainy time of the year and roads that are covered in leaves can be as slick as ice. You need to be aware of this hazard and slow down when approaching a leave-covered section of road.


Fall is also the time of year when you will see tractors in the fields harvesting crops. You will also encounter tractors and other farm machinery as they are moving slowly on the road.

Be very cautious and practice safe driving procedures when approaching and passing tractors and other farm equipment on the road. Be patient and don’t create danger by following too closely.

Road Construction

Summer brings with it road construction as well as increased traffic. Families stuffed into minivans and SUVs take to the roads in the summer to drive cross-country to visit family, hit the beach or go camping at one of our wonderful national parks. The roads are buzzing with traffic in the summer.

The addition of summer road construction means that the roads become more hazardous. Traffic delays and detours caused by road construction makes traffic snarls worse. It is very important that all drivers keep a cool and level head while navigating through construction zones.


As the number of motorcycles on the road increases in the summer, so do the hazards they can cause. Truck drivers sharing the road with motorcycles should understand that it is difficult to spot them and they can disappear in your blind spots. It is also easy to misjudge the speed of a motorcycle.

You will also want to follow motorcycles at a greater distance as they can stop more quickly than other vehicles.


The warm weather of summer brings cyclists out of their winter hibernation. And like motorcycles, bicycles can be difficult to see. The safest way to deal with cyclists is to give them space and respect their right to use the road. Treat cyclists the same way you treat slow-moving vehicles by giving them plenty of space should they change direction or stop.


In addition to warmer weather, summer brings with it longer days, which means you will need to be wary of pedestrians taking advantage of extra daylight.

You need to be extra wary of pedestrians as more and more of them are distracted by their mobile devices.


Potholes are more than just holes in the road that can cause serious damage to your vehicle, they can also trigger motor vehicle collisions. Any driver spotting a pothole at the last moment can have a knee-jerk reaction to swerve to avoid it. This can potentially lead to an accident.

Not Taking Breaks

Truck drivers themselves can become hazards if they are not taking frequent breaks from the road. We get it, you need to reach your destination in a timely manner, but driving while you are tired or driving for a long period of time without a break leaves you open to potential problems.

Stay safe on the road and contact Big Truck Hoods for all of your truck bumper and truck grill needs.
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