Aftermarket Truck Bumpers and New Year Resolutions

For everyone, New Year’s resolutions are something we do to help improve who we are. Resolutions are different for every person and are often related to family, health, career and other areas of life in which we desire improvement.

Typically, people often resolve to lose weight, save money and be more productive at work.

It is no different for truck drivers, they, too, want to improve their lives and make their own resolutions every year. If you haven’t already made resolutions or have already broken them, it’s not too late to come up with another list of resolutions.

This time, however, you should make up resolutions that make you a better person and a better trucker. Big Truck Hoods, your source for aftermarket truck bumpers, offers resolutions truck drivers should make.

Sleep Better

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the biggest contributions to improving your overall health. In addition, sleep deprivation poses a huge safety issue for truck drivers. Making sure you are always well-rested and energized is essential when you are on the road.

Studies show that adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night.

Stay in Touch with Family and Friends

While you are on the road for extended periods of time, make sure you contact your family and friends on a regular basis.

In many ways, modern truckers are so much better off than the previous generations. For example, modern technology has given them the means to chat, talk and even video conference with loved ones and friends.

Even with this technology literally at their fingertips, many truckers don’t do a very good job keeping in touch with those they left behind. Resolve to change that in 2019.

Improve Physical Activity

It’s no secret that long hours in a truck on your butt can be rather tough on your body. Basically, you are sitting in one position for hours at a time. You need to make it a point to stretch, walk around and get a little physical activity whenever the opportunity presents itself.

It’s the little things you do that will help. For example, park farther away from the truck stop so you have to do more walking. You can also take a few laps around your truck every time you stop.
Make Healthier Choices

Stop reaching for that Snickers bar when you are feeling peckish. Instead, reach for and apple, banana or orange. Choose a whole grain bagel over the cream-filled donuts and drink your coffee black.

It is the little choices you make in life that add up to a happy and healthy life that will ensure you keep working and providing for your family for many years.

Drive Safer

Getting yourself and your products to their destination safely and soundly is important. Don’t ignore laws and the rules of the road, resolve to be safe at all times. And take things more slowly in foul weather conditions.

If you vowed to improve the look of your rig, you can order the body parts you need from Big Truck Hoods.
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