Aftermarket Truck Bumpers and Trucker Misconceptions

Aftermarket Truck Bumpers and Trucker Misconceptions

There are a whole lot of truck driver misconceptions. So many in fact, that this is the second article we have written about them.

Being a truck driver isn't easy. And it is that much more difficult when rumors about your profession haunt you. In some cases, people stare at you, knowing you are a truck driver, and you can see that they don’t think very highly of you.

The truth is that truck drivers are very hard-working people who help keep America moving. Big Truck Hoods, your source for aftermarket truck bumpers, offers misconceptions people have about truck drivers.

Trucker Drivers Aren’t Cultured

Actually, just the opposite of this is true. Because truck drivers travel all over the country, they get to meet people from different cultures. They interact with these people and learn more about them and their ways.

It is far more likely for someone who lives in one place for a long time to not know about other cultures.

Truck Drivers Sit All Day

The reality of it is that truck drivers do sit for long periods of time. However, truck drivers also keep very busy loading and unloading their truck as well as doing other non-driving duties.

Truck Drivers Are Loners

Truck driving is a solo project, but truck drivers get lonely just like anybody else and are glad to make it through a trip and join up with their family and friends again.

Truck Drivers Are Poor

According to CNN Money, the average truck driver salary has been rising eight to 10 percent fairly steadily over the last several years. The median wage for a truck driver is comparatively higher than the wages of most Americans.

Truck Drivers Cause Accidents

While you hear and read a lot in the media about multiple car pile-ups involving semi trucks, most of the time they aren’t the cause of the accidents. But when you see an ugly picture of a tangled mass of metal with people hurt, many people tend to think the disaster was caused by a truck driver.

Truck drivers are actually three times less likely to be involved in an accident compared to regular drivers. In fact, truck drivers are only involved in less than three percent of total accidents.

Truck Drivers Are Dirty

Truck drivers pride themselves in their personal hygiene. If they have been sitting in a hot truck all day, you can bet that they are taking a shower first chance they get.

Truck Drivers Aren’t Professional

Truck drivers take their jobs very seriously and act accordingly when they are working. Truck drivers are reliable and committed people who work hard to meet deadlines just like you.

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