Semi-Truck Bumpers and Bad Drivers

There are thousands of comedians here in the United States. And while we are quite sure not all of them are truly funny, we do know that all of them talk about bad drivers. Every hack comic out there will have at least a few talking points about bad drivers. It is a funny subject until you actually encounter these fools.

We are also willing to bet that the very same drivers these comics talk about, the cell phone users, the tailgaters and the people who forget to turn off their turn signals, truck drivers encounter every single day.

Big Truck Hoods, your source for semi-truck bumpers, offers types of bad drivers.

Steer Clear of the Cyclists

Some people are terrified of cyclists, so much so that they give them way too much clearance.

We get it, you want to steer clear of the cyclists on the road, it is the right thing to do. But if you are veering 20 or 30 feet from them, then you are obviously a danger to oncoming traffic.

Concrete barriers Just as there are drivers who are afraid of cyclists, there are drivers who have a fear of concrete barriers.

Freeway planners don’t have a whole lot of faith in drivers, which is why they built concrete barriers. But then some drivers won’t dare drive close to a concrete barrier. This creates a problem as they have to swerve away from the barrier and in doing so they become a traffic hazard.

Passing for No Advancement

If a car passes you, it could be for any number of reasons. Perhaps you are going too slow or maybe they are just in a hurry. But what is the point of passing somebody if it is only going to gain them one car length? What a complete waste of time.

Driver Who are Too Friendly

There is a serious lack of civility on many American roads. But overly friendly people can be just as frustrating.

Take, for example, the kind-hearted driver who lets cars merge in front of them from a lane that is ending. Letting in a car or two is fine, admirable even, but if he comes to a complete stop and lets a steady stream of cars in, then there is a problem.

Hanging in Your Blind Spot

There are responsible drivers who are aware they are in another vehicle’s blind spot and will move the first chance they get. And then some fools will drift into your blind spot and stay there for miles and miles. You try to shake them, but they just match your speed.

Distracted Drivers

It is really frustrating when the driver in front of you at the red light is too busy messing with their smartphone to realize the light turned green. Somehow they always make it through the light while you have to sit through it twice.

Bad drivers, there is just no way to avoid them.

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