Semi Truck Bumpers and Being a Great Truck Driver

Being a successful truck driver means more than just the ability to hold onto a steering wheel while shifting gears. The real keys to being a great truck driver boil down to being focused and prepared. Every truck driver faces numerous challenges each day and must overcome them if they are to be successful.

Life as King of the Road can be very rewarding, but nobody says it’s going to be easy. Big Truck Hoods, your source for semi truck bumpers and hoods, offers you these characteristics that are key for great truck drivers.

Mechanical Skills

Great truck drivers will have a basic knowledge of how their truck operates. This does not mean they should hold the skills and knowledge to repair any type of problem that occurs with their truck, but they should be able to perform basic tasks and maintenance.

They should also do what they can to ensure their truck meets compliance and other safety standards. This contributes to a safe working environment for themselves and for those they encounter on the road.


Great truckers are aware of everything that is around them, including the condition of their rig, the road in front of them and behind them and traffic from all angles.

Driving is much more than just using your eyes to see what is going on, you must use other senses as well. You must determine if that strange smell is coming from your truck and if it could lead to a breakdown. The same goes for that odd noise you hear from the bottom of your rig.

You may even notice a vibration that could develop into a problem.

In order for all of your senses to be functioning at optimal level, a great truck driver needs to be well-rested so they are alert.


A driver that is overweight and out of shape is less able to work as long or as hard as their fit fellow truckers. Fitness is more than having the ability to physically load and unload a truck, the quality of awareness comes as a part of an overall level of fitness.


Great truck drivers never fudge on aspects of laws and regulations. A great truck driver knows that when taking a shortcut, you are only cheating yourself from garnering the satisfaction of a job well done. They don’t try to get away cheaply, but rather give true value for the money people pay them.


Even though a truck driver will spend much of their working time alone, they still need to have excellent people skills. That is, they know just how to properly interact with management, other drivers, clients, customers and dock workers. Every person that a great trucker driver comes in contact with will feel as though they were listened to and respected.

Great truck drivers also treat their cargo the same way they treat people; with care.

Stress Management Skills

A great trucker knows how to manage stress and you won't see them get angry and go off the deep end with a nasty gesture or loud rant. Be a great trucker by taking things that happen to you on the road in stride. Don’t let setbacks upset you as they are just a part of life.


People who work in an office setting have any number of people they can talk to when they have a question or concern about something. They can also utilize their work phone and their computer to get the answers they need. Many people work in a team environment and rely on others who have their back.

Truck drivers don’t have this luxury, they are often left all on their own to figure things out. They have to rely on themselves to make the right decision in the event of an emergency.

Great truck drivers cope with being alone much of the day and night, they don’t have co-workers who sit within a few feet of them to talk to.


A great truck driver will do what they say they are going to do, you can count on them to follow through. There are deadlines to meet and great truckers make sure those deadlines are met.

Great truckers also get their truck hoods and truck bumpers from Big Truck Hoods. Check us out today!
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