Semi Truck Bumpers and Bringing a Dog on Your Road Trip

It has become quite common to see a trucker riding down the highway with his dog in the seat next to him or her. It makes perfect sense, spending so much time alone is not good for your well-being and what better way to pass the time than with man’s best friend.

If you are thinking about bringing your dog with you on the road, it is a decision not to be taken lightly. You need to know what you are getting yourself and your dog into. There are many benefits in having a “truck dog,” but there are things you need to keep in mind.

Big Truck Hoods, your source for semi truck bumpers, offers tips for trucking with a dog.


Train Your Dog

Under no circumstance should you let your dog sit with you in the driver’s seat, it is much too dangerous. If your dog is comfortable going near the driver’s side of the truck, you are just asking for trouble.

Don’t find yourself in this situation, train your dog to stay away from the driver’s side of the truck.

Bring Lots of Window Cleaner

If you have a dog, you know that they like to stare out of the window and drool everywhere. Make sure you have plenty of window cleaner on hand to keep the windows and your dash clean.

Get a Small Dog

Don’t get a big dog to come on rides with you. Big dogs need a lot of space, more than your truck can offer. Opt instead for a smaller dog.

Prepare for Frequent Stops

Having a dog with you on your road trip is a lot like bringing along a child. You must be prepared to make more stops as Fido will need to take potty breaks and stretch his legs often.

Carry a Spare Key in Your Pocket

You leave your dog in the truck while you refuel or use the bathroom and you come back only to discover Fido accidentally locked the door. It does happen, so it makes sense to keep a spare in your pocket just in case.

Use a Leash

A leash should be used every time you take your dog out of the truck. Never let Fido run freely at a truck stop or at a rest stop. Remember that your dog is your responsibility.

Buy a 12-Volt Vacuum

If you don’t already have a small, 12-volt vacuum, you will want to go buy one now. If there is one thing everybody knows about dogs, it is that they all shed to some extent. These small vacuums are a great way to tidy up after Fido has shed all over the inside of your truck.

Clean Up After Your Dog

Make sure you have plenty of poop bags with you if you are traveling with a dog. Take responsibility for your dog and don’t leave poop on the ground. You wouldn't be terribly happy if you got out of your truck at a rest stop and promptly stepped in a pile of poop.

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