Semi Truck Hoods and Passing Time on the Road

A career as a truck driver offers many excellent benefits including job security, great pay and the ability to travel, but it also comes with a few setbacks. For example, being a truck driver can be lonely and it can get quite boring spending hours on end on the road.

A lack of mental stimulation on the road often leads to drowsiness, which is the cause of more than 20.000 accidents every year. Seasoned truck drivers know all too well how to keep themselves occupied and awake while behind the wheel.

Having things to do or things to pay attention to while on a long haul can help you stay awake and make long trips more bearable. Big Truck Hoods, your source for semi truck hoods, offers ways in which you can pass time while on the road.

Take in the Scenery

When on a long haul, truckers can stop being truckers for a bit and become temporary tourists instead. There is nothing wrong with stopping at touristy spots when you have to stop for a break. You can choose to stop and see national landmarks like Mount Rushmore or the Lincoln Memorial or you can check out the world’s largest ball of string.


Most trucks have a radio and perhaps even a CD player. Which is great as music is a great way to keep your senses while on the road. The problem with radios is that when you are traveling through the heart of the country, you are sometimes at the mercy of radio stations you can tune into.

There are several long stretches that you are lucky if you can find more than four radio stations, and three of those play either country-western music or are religious talk shows.

For that reason, you should have a CD player or some other way to pipe music into your rig, like satellite radio or an app on your smartphone.

Audio Books

If you have a smartphone, it is all too easy to get access to audiobooks. Time will fly while you are listening to someone else reading a Stephen King novel or a classic by J.R.R. Tolkien.

If books aren’t your thing, use your smartphone to download or stream podcasts or other forms of entertainment. If you are a fan of NPR, you can download an app that streams great shows like Car Talk and Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.


A long drive out in the middle of nowhere with nothing much to see is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your past, present and future. Few people take the time to stop what they are doing to reflect each day, which is quite a shame actually.

Truck drivers have ample time to reflect on their lives and it is a great way to stay occupied.

Whatever you do, it is important that you keep yourself entertained and occupied while on the road. And if you need a new truck bumper or truck hood, Big Truck Hoods has you covered. Visit our website today.
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