Signs It's Time to Purchase a New Truck Hood

If you own a fleet of semi-trucks or are a driver and own your vehicle, you’ll need to perform maintenance at some point. When it comes to your semi-truck hood, however, it can incur quite a bit of damage and could need tending to or replacement more often than you think. If you're looking for new semi-truck hoods, you've come to the right place — Big Truck Hoods provides high-duty truck parts for people looking to repair their truck's damage. Here are some common signs that you may need to get a new truck hood for your semi.

Destroyed front of semi from accident


In the event of an accident, you may need to replace your semi-truck hood. Usually, the impact of the crash affects the hood or bonnet directly, which can cause them to crumple up and be displaced entirely. In these situations, the best thing to do is to completely replace the hood to regain the semi’s look and safety.

Shiny red semi truck

Cosmetic Damage

Minor dents and scratches are mostly chalked off as cosmetic damage. However, if these dents or scratches are overlooked, minute particles of dust, debris, oil, and water can enter the vehicle's material and cause the material to rust. If there’s enough cosmetic damage, replacing your hood may be the best option in the long run.

Hood up on a semi truck for engine issues

Engine Disruption

A severely damaged hood of any vehicle can get bent and squash against essential engine components, which can cause a disturbance in the engine's performance. This can become very costly and even dangerous in the future, so it’s best to replace your semi-truck hood if it is severely damaged.

Semi truck after getting stuck in the mud

Safety Risk

The damaged hood also poses a significant threat to the vehicle's driver and the passengers vice versa as it does not allow complete visibility of the road, leading to accidents and fatal collisions. Unable to view the route ahead ultimately may also make the driver miss vital road signs.

Big Truck Hoods specializes in providing quality semi-truck parts, including a wide variety of semi-truck hoods. Start shopping for your replacement hood today — we ship across 48 states!


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