Tips for Adjusting to Life on the Road

You've just completed truck driving school and you're about to embark on a new journey as an active truck driver. While this is certainly exciting, it's also important to remember that adjusting to life on the road could take awhile and can be quite difficult for some. Here are just a few tips from us at Big Truck Hoods for how to adjust to being a new semi-truck driver. If you need to fix up a used semi you just bought, shop our selection of semi-truck parts online now!

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Understanding Long Shifts and Break Periods

It's important to understand truck driving schedules and break periods. In fact, there are laws regarding how long you are able to drive for, and what type of/how long your breaks are as well. While you should be able to trust your company to schedule you properly and encourage break times, it's best to know these laws yourself, just in case. And while it could be tempting to just keep driving sometimes, it’s important to always take your mandated breaks for your mental and physical wellbeing — you’re not getting paid for the overtime anyway, and if you’re behind schedule for some reason, it’s likely going to be the fault of traffic or the weather and your company will understand.

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Have Something to Listen To

While it may be obvious, it’s important to point out, that since you’ll be driving for a long period of time, you’ll want to have something entertaining to listen to. Since you must focus your attention to driving and the road ahead of you, getting to listen to music, the news, a sports game, or a podcast will be your only way to fulfill any boredom. Be sure to download or have hard copies of your media in case you are having to drive through any areas that have poor service coverage.

Man posing with his truck during a break

Deck Out Your Break Area

Although it is important to get out and stretch your legs during your breaks, it’s always a great idea to have a nice, entertaining break area inside your truck, too. Get out, get gas, and go to the bathroom, but also have a fun, comfortable space inside the semi to hang out in on your breaks for some peace and quiet. This is also really great for your extended sleeping breaks, so that you have a home-like area to relax in before actually hitting the hay at night.

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Keep a Kit of Essentials

Last but certainly not least, it’s important to keep a bag or kit of essential items in your semi-truck. In case your truck breaks down and you need a spare part, or you break down and need medicine, keep an emergency kit packed. What goes in your kit can vary depending on your truck, job, and you as a person, so just try and consider any emergency and essential items that you could need while out on the road. In terms of emergency items, always consider the possibility of your truck breaking down, weather conditions changing, running out of gas, food, water, and more.

If you’re a new truck driver, it may take a bit to adjust to life on the road, but soon, you’ll be in full swing with your new, exciting career. At Big Truck Hoods, we offer affordable new, used, and OEM truck parts online — perfect for stocking your emergency kit or for ordering replacement parts when needed. Shop our selection today!

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