We Offer Semi Truck Bumpers and Dispel Trucker Myths

Being a truck driver isn't exactly easy, and it’s even a more difficult job when you think that people actually believe myths about the profession and stereotype truck drivers. Contrary to popular belief, not all truck drivers are guys who wear dirty baseball caps and chain smoke Marlboros.

There are all too many misconceptions and stereotypes of truck drivers. Big Truck Hoods, your source for semi truck bumpers, is here to clear up these common misconceptions.

Truckers are Not Professional

Just because you won’t see a trucker wearing a dress shirt, khakis and a tie, this doesn't mean that they aren't capable of acting in a professional manner. Truck drivers take their job very seriously and get up to go to work, are courteous and work hard to meet deadlines, just like you. They are some of the most committed people you will ever meet.

Truckers are Loners

Quite the opposite, actually. Trucking is a very social profession and truck drivers are constantly meeting new people, working with others and sharing stories about their adventures on the road.

Truckers are Male

The reality of this matter is that there are over 200,000 long-haul truckers on the road today who just happen to be women. To be a trucker, you have to be able-bodied and confident; in which women are just as capable as men.

Driving a Truck is an Easy Task

Many people assume that the toughest part about driving a truck is finding a cushion that fits your seat perfectly. The truth is trucking is a very demanding job both physically and mentally and not suited for just anyone.

Even if you don’t have to suffer the labor of loading and unloading a truck, driving a rig is a whole lot more than just sitting on a cushioned seat in an air-conditioned cab.

No matter how high-tech a truck might be, it isn't going to steer itself. That job is left up to the trucker, who must maintain total control of the mammoth truck for hours at a time. It takes a lot of upper body strength to do this.

In addition, truck drivers must stay focused on the road for many miles at a time, which can be mentally taxing.

Truck Drivers Cause a Lot of Accidents

The truth is that truck drivers are three times less likely to be involved in an accident than typical cars and trucks. And most of the accidents that occur involving truck drivers wind up being the fault of the other driver, not the trucker.

Truckers are Only Concerned About Reaching Their Destination

Well, reaching their destination is the ultimate goal of a trucker, but it isn't their only goal. There are actually well-documented evidence that truckers are often the first to stop when there's an accident or somebody in need of assistance on the road.

Truck Drivers are Poor

Actually, truck drivers make pretty good money, often exceeding $50,000 a year. Even in states where wages are lower than national averages, truckers still make more.

Truckers Lack Culture

Actually, many truckers probably have more culture than you. Truck drivers drive all over the United States and have plenty of opportunities to experience a lot of cool and exciting things. They also get to meet a lot of really awesome people and learn new things all of the time.

Truckers Don’t Have Families

Most truckers not only have a spouse, many of them also have children. They are family women and men who do an excellent job raising their children and caring for their family.

If you are a truck driver and in need of aftermarket parts for your ride, contact Big Truck Hoods today.

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