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Semi trucks were invented for some serious work. Back in 1898, Alexander Winton, a horseless carriage manufacturer, is credited with inventing the semi-truck. He sold his first one in 1899, and his business of the "horseless carriage" was born. Up until this point, most goods had been transported by pack animals, horse carriages, and by rail. However, the need to get goods to remote locations made these processes cumbersome, indeed.

Big Truck Hoods offers semi truck parts online for your big rig's needs. We carry all of the major brands, from International and Kenworth to Peterbilt, Sterling, and Volvo. From aftermarket bumpers and hoods to fenders and lights, we've got your needs covered. If you are in need of a semi truck part, shop our vast selection online today!

Top Reasons To Invest In Semi-Truck Parts

  • Affordable
  • Bigger selection than manufacturer's parts
  • Higher quality semi truck parts
  • Better performance
  • Easier to obtain
  • And more!

Like all mechanical objects, machinery, and inventions, semi trucks break down. They also need regular maintenance in order to prevent major breakdowns from occurring. However, while breakdowns are cumbersome, it's great to have a semi truck parts store online you can trust, like Big Truck Hoods, in order to get the parts you need and fast. Below, we'll take a look at some of the many reasons to invest in aftermarket truck parts. Shop our many brands and selections today!

Reasons To Invest In Semi-Truck Parts


Most of us know that if you go to the name brand dealer of your semi truck, you can expect to pay high prices for semi truck parts. This is because brand name semi truck parts cost more in general. Plus, those who make semi truck parts can do so at a much lower price in their own factories rather than in car dealer factories. These places also have less stringent guidelines and quality checks in place, which makes them more affordable. Does this mean that these semi truck parts are of lesser quality? Hardly. It's just a different process that results in a lower cost for consumers.

High Quality

As mentioned above, there is more than one way to skin a cat, and there's more than one way to manufacture top-of-the-line semi truck parts. Many of these companies reengineer the part completely, picking the semi truck part apart and finding ways to make it better. The longevity of these semi truck parts are often longer, and they can be more durable, especially if other, stronger materials were used in their manufacturing process. There may also be problems with the original manufacturer's parts that just weren't noticed before. Semi truck part manufacturers discover these and make them better.

Wider Selection

As you probably know, when you visit a dealer's part store, you have one or two options, and one option may only be a different color. With other semi truck parts manufacturers, there are almost limitless options because each aftermarket truck manufacturer makes their own. This not only drives down prices with the increase in competition, but it also adds quality to this selection. In sum, you have better odds of finding the semi truck option you are looking for, such as color and quality, when you choose other manufacturers.

Easier To Obtain

One obvious benefit to semi truck parts is that they are easier to obtain, even while on the road. If you are at home, you simply hop on the internet, visit the best semi truck parts store online, namely Big Truck Hoods, find your aftermarket truck part, and order it. With lightning-fast shipping, your semi truck part will arrive in no time. Furthermore, it can be extremely difficult to obtain original manufacturer's parts, especially if you are on the road. This can mean long wait times when you are not driving, which could make a big impact on your pocketbook. Shop us today!

Better Performance

As we mentioned earlier, semi truck parts are often higher in quality than original manufacturer's parts because of the ingenuity that goes into them. Thus, you can expect a higher level of performance when you go with aftermarket truck parts. You'll be able to customize your big rig exactly how you want it, soup up your semi till your heart's content, and watch your truck's performance rise. You can increase fuel savings, decrease wear and tear on your vehicle, and create a safer overall rig with semi truck parts. Browse Big Truck Hoods' vast inventory today!

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Big Truck Hoods has years of experience in supplying all your big rig parts needs. Our mission is to ensure you do stay rolling, creating as little downtime as possible. We offer aftermarket semi truck parts, from bumpers and fenders to hoods and mirrors. Whether you are looking for a custom look, want to replace your semi truck hood that sustained hail damage, or you need a new grille, we've got your needs covered. We offer super fast shipping, a customer satisfaction guarantee, and a customer support team who is here to answer your questions. Our return and exchange policy is easy, and we ship to all contiguous US states. You can track your order online as well.

Big Truck Hoods offers the best new, used, and OEM surplus semi truck parts online for all of your favorite truck models, including Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Volvo, GM, and more. If you are looking for a big truck part, shop with us first online today!

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