Semi Truck Parts We Offer

Your truck is your lifeblood. Whether you are an independent driver or you own a fleet of trucks, you need your truck(s) to look good and function well so that your business can too. At Big Truck Hoods, we have all the cosmetic parts you need to keep your truck looking fresh while upholding your business image and reliably protecting your internal parts. No matter what kind of truck you drive, we have the semi-truck parts you need to keep your truck going for the long haul! Whatever you are looking for, we have what you need no matter the brand. Check out all of our parts collections today!


At Big Truck Hoods, truck hoods are literally the name of the game. We offer replacement semi-truck hoods in every brand truck, in multiple model numbers, and with or without paint finishes. A lot of the parts that we offer are also available in both new and used models, meaning no matter the price point you are looking for, we can provide the semi-truck parts you need. You can also trust our semi-truck parts suppliers. From Kenworth parts to Freightliner, we have hoods for every model of truck on the road.

We also offer semi-truck parts for older models. If you have an older truck, finding a hood that fits your connections can be difficult, especially if the manufacturer is no longer making the part you need. Because we source our parts from all over, we are able to get ahold of older parts that may be harder to find. So, whether you are looking for an older GM Kodiak/TopKick hood or a new Freightliner Cascadia hood, you will find exactly what you are looking for. And, as a BBB-rated company committed to providing you with the best products on the market, you can trust that our semi-truck parts are reliable and will be delivered to you with proper timing. Check out our collection of new, used, and cosmetically blemished parts today!

Air Cleaners

Engines need three things to function well: air, spark, and gas. semi-truck air cleaners are a critical component of the internal compression process as they clean and purify the air entering your engine, allowing your engine to breathe freely and protecting your engine from debris. At Big Truck Hoods, we understand the importance of making sure your engines are breathing clean air. That’s why we are committed to helping you find the air cleaners you need to make sure your engines are running properly, improving your fuel efficiency and allowing for maximum longevity out of your truck or trucks.

From the International 9900I to the Peterbilt Donaldson Style air cleaner, we offer a wide variety of air cleaners to support your intake system. Our semi-truck parts are sourced from reliable suppliers, no matter if they are new or used. If you are having issues with your air cleaner or just need a replacement, check out our air cleaner collections today!

Truck Guards

You never know what might happen while you’re traveling across the country or even just across town. From inclement weather to crazy drivers, the open road is filled with risks and obstacles. That’s one of the reasons having a truck guard is so important. When you’re in the country, a truck guard may be the only thing that stands between your truck and a deer that jumps into the road or, unfortunately, another car and a severely damaged hood. While accidents are never something you want to happen, it’s smart to be prepared. In the case of the unpredictable, repairs, replacements, or insurance claims can get expensive and annoying, you might as well protect your truck from damage with used and new truck guards from Big Truck Hoods.

Semi-truck parts are difficult and expensive to replace. Believe us, as a company that deals in part replacements, we know how annoying it can be to have to purchase and replace damaged parts on your semi-truck. Truck guards are a barrier between your truck and everything else on the road so that your truck can stay protected from the unpredictable. Check out our collections of semi-truck parts today! Whether you are looking for Ford or Mack parts, we’ve got something to protect your truck.


A lot of your transportation probably happens in the dark, whether it’s early morning or late at night. And, if you’re driving across the country, a lot of that driving is likely done in the middle of nowhere — meaning there are no streetlights, and the only thing providing light is the moon, the stars, and your headlights. That’s why it’s important to have high-quality headlights to provide you and your truck a little guidance when driving in the dark. Good headlights allow you to see the deer on the side of the road, the way the road bends when nothing else indicates a turn, and allow you to see through the fog. We don’t just offer headlights for Hino trucks, sterling trucks, and every brand in between, we also offer fog lights to help you see in the midst of some of the most unpredictable weather conditions.

If you have damaged headlights or are experiencing fog-up underneath your plastic covers, it’s time to replace those headlights with high-quality semi-truck parts from Big Truck Hoods! If you have any questions regarding our collections of semi-truck parts, reach out to us today, or just check out our collections to find out more!


You cannot have functioning semi-truck parts without having high-quality, functioning connections. These connections are a major key to having hoods, grille guards, and other parts remain connected without rattling. Big Truck Hoods understands the importance of the little details, and one of those details is your bracket connections. Driving for a living comes with high winds, big bumps, and other things that can jostle your connections loose, and no one likes a rattling machine. We carry high-quality bracket sets to help your truck to ride smoothly without the annoying rattle that accompanies a truck with older, run-down brackets.

From universal brackets to specialty grille guard brackets, we carry a wide variety of semi-truck parts to fulfill your needs. If you are in need of a new bracket to connect your grille guard, check out our universal connections today!


Having vision and awareness out on the road is a vital aspect of being safe while you are driving for a living. This means being aware of the cars surrounding you on the interstate, where your trailer is in relation to the curb, and a number of other things that help protect you and your semi-truck from damage. Mirrors are a huge part of this awareness. If you are not able to efficiently see behind you, it is hard to determine who’s coming up behind you. It’s also much more difficult to determine where your trailer is in order to avoid damage to the property behind the curb. If you are looking for replacement mirrors, we have Volvo parts, Peterbilt parts, and every company in between.

Whether your mirrors are hood or door mounted, we’ve got you covered! We also offer a number of different shapes if something particular fits your eye. If your mirrors have been broken or are simply run down, it’s time to replace them with reliable and clear rear view mirrors! Check out our collections of semi-truck parts today to find mirrors or anything else to outfit your truck.


Your bumper is often something that goes overlooked. But, your bumper provides a number of different functions for your semi-truck. The first function provided by your bumper is protection. They aren’t called bumpers for nothing! They are designed to bump into things while protecting your truck from direct impact to cars, poles, and other obstacles. This means that you want your bumper to have reliable connections and be in good shape, and we have just the bumpers for you! The second function is fuel efficiency. While some trucks require a square bumper that results in more air resistance, some truck bodies are more round, allowing for slightly better fuel efficiency — especially over long distances. Whatever shape or model number you are looking for, check out our shop to see if we carry it!

If you are looking for replacement bumpers, whether to replace a broken bumper after an accident or to replace a run-down body panel, look no further than Big Truck Hoods. Our vast collection of semi-truck parts from Freightliner to GM offers you a great selection of bumpers to choose from. We offer both new and used parts, meaning you will be able to find something that fits your needs! Shop our collection today!

Fender Extensions

Another overlooked aspect of your semi-truck is the fenders, but at Big Truck Hoods, we understand the importance of having high-quality fenders. Fenders protect both your truck and surrounding vehicles from damage due to thrown rocks or other debris. Fenders are also more exposed to scratches, scuffs, and other damage due to their location. If you are looking for high-quality fender extensions for your semi-truck, Big Truck Hoods has you covered. From International truck fender extensions to Ford fender extensions, we have a huge selection of fender extensions for you to choose from.

If you are looking for fender extensions to either upgrade your truck or replace broken fenders, our collection is the best place to start. We have parts for every brand from Mack to Hino and offer both new, used, and cosmetically blemished to help you find something that fits both your needs and your budget. If you have any questions about our products, reach out to us today or simply explore all of the options available in our store!


Driving across the country or even across town, you are likely driving through bugs, hail, or other impactors that could potentially damage your radiator or engine. The grille on your truck provides a barrier between potentially damaging environmental aspects and internal parts like your radiator and engine. They also provide a great aesthetic addition to your truck. At Big Truck Hoods, we have an incredible selection of semi-truck grilles to fit almost any truck on the road. With grilles specific to Kenworth, Western Star, and more, you will find a grille that meets your needs and fits your truck.

Grilles are the first line of defense for your truck and are simultaneously one of the first things that people see when they look at your truck. They provide not only physical protection but also provide an aspect of business image as they can make or break the appearance of your semi. If you have recently sustained damage to your truck or are looking to simply replace a run-down grille, Big Truck Hoods has you covered! We have semi-truck parts for every brand of truck on the road and can provide you with the new or used grille that you are looking for. Check out our store today to learn more about our selection of semi-truck parts!

New Parts

There is something about getting a new part in and putting it on your truck that makes driving your truck feel like the first time driving. At Big Truck Hoods, we take pride in sourcing some of the best new products in the nation from some of the most reputable suppliers. We are committed to providing you with the new parts you need to improve the performance and look of your semi-truck.

For those of you with trucks that are relatively new, we understand that you want your parts to match both the look and performance standards of your machine. New parts are the best way to make sure the look of your truck is consistent from bumper to trailer. From hoods to bumpers, and brackets to grilles, we offer tons of new parts to replace broken or worn down parts on your truck. For more information about our enormous selection of semi-truck parts, check out our store or reach out to us today!

Used Parts

If you are not necessarily in search of brand new parts to outfit your truck, used parts are a great way to get high-quality parts while saving money on your truck improvements. In almost every case, when you buy used parts, you don’t sacrifice performance. While it’s true that some used products have been slightly damaged or weathered over time, we do our best to find incredible products that both look great and perform well. You can trust that the used products in our semi-truck part store are sourced from reliable suppliers and will look and perform great.

From grilles to mirrors and hoods, we have tons of options for you to choose from. Used parts make for great replacement parts, especially if you are replacing a part that routinely gets damaged. Having new parts become damaged is frustrating because you just paid a lot of money for those parts. Damaging used parts, on the other hand, feels less guilt-ridden because you aren’t sacrificing a brand new part, but a less expensive used one. Check out our vast collection of used semi-truck parts today!

From hoods to mirrors, aftermarket semi-truck parts can become hard to find when looking for a match for your truck. Big Truck Hoods is your first choice for aftermarket semi-truck parts and is committed to finding and providing the best parts on the market. Whether your truck is damaged or just has a few dilapidated parts, we can provide you with the cosmetic semi-truck parts to both fit your needs and last for the long haul. Whether you need Volvo parts, Western Star parts, or Peterbilt parts, we have collected a huge array of parts for every brand. So shop our collection today to find the parts you need!

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