Aftermarket Truck Bumpers and Winter Driving Tips

Right now is the perfect time of year. At least, that what most people would say. Fall is the time of year that the weather is perfect, nature is beautiful and the roads are clean and clear. But that is not going to last for very long.

Don’t look now, but winter is coming; and with it, you can expect cold, snow and hazardous driving conditions. Nobody likes driving their truck in blizzard conditions.

When the temperature plunges and the wind blows the falling snow sideways, even the most experienced truckers can struggle. Big Truck Hoods, your source for aftermarket truck bumpers, offers these driving tips to help you stay safe this winter.

Slow Down

Most accidents occur because drivers fail to adjust their speed according to road conditions. You need to compensate for the poor traction on snowy and icy roads by reducing your speed. If anything, reducing your speed gives you more time to react should anything go wrong. So ease up on the accelerator this winter.

Light It Up

Visibility is limited in inclement weather so don’t forget to drive with your lights on. This isn’t just to help you see better, it is also so others can better see you.

Spaced Out

To give yourself enough room to wiggle out of harm’s way in the event of an emergency, you need to increase the distance between you and other vehicles on the road. The required distance to come to a stop in icy conditions is twice as long than when it is above 32 degrees.

Firm Grip

Driving in a snowstorm is not the time to be answering your phone or reaching for a bag of pretzels. You need to always have your hands on the steering wheels so you can react quickly to unforeseen situations. Be confident in your driving skills and remain calm in slippery situations.

Know Your Limitations

There will come a point when the weather has won and the roads are simply too unsafe to travel. Don’t push your luck when the conditions get this bad; your life and the lives of others are on the line. Take a much-needed break and ride the storm out on the side of the road.

Be Prepared

It is a good idea to have blankets and warm clothes packed away. If you are on an extended trip, make sure you have a flashlight, matches, traction devices and other items that will help you should you become stranded.


Before you hit the road in adverse conditions, check your rig. Getting your truck prepared for a winter ride is essential to prevent a major problem. You will want to check things like oil, tire pressure and antifreeze before heading out. It even makes sense to have a mechanic go over everything.

These winter driving tips might seem rather simple and obvious, but they work so you should use them. It is up to you to exercise good judgment when driving in adverse conditions.

If you need an aftermarket hood for your truck before winter hits, check out what Big Truck Hoods has to offer.

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