Maintenance Tips While on the Road

Truckers are on the road quite frequently, meaning maintaining your big rig is super important. After all, if your truck isn't running, odds are, you aren't making much money. Big Truck Hoods specializes in aftermarket new, used, and OEM semi truck parts for all makes and models of semi trucks, including Mack, International, and Freightliner. Below, we'll go over some maintenance tips for while you are on the road. Shop online today!

Ensure The Health of Your Tires

The health of your tires is crucial while you are on the road. After all, they are in contact with the road at all times, and if they don't work, you will get nowhere fast. Be sure to check on your tires' air pressure while on the road and be sure to rotate and replace them when needed.

Check Your Fluids Regularly

The point of fluids in a motor vehicle is to ensure the moving parts in your engine, carburetor, and everything else under the hood can move with little wear and tear. You'll want to regularly check your radiator, brake, power steering, transmission, and windshield wiper fluids in order to ensure they are full and doing their jobs.

Check Your Filters

Air filters are important for keeping contaminants and pollutants from getting into your engine and causing harm and undue wear and tear. If these filters become clogged, they can't do their job as well and some of these contaminants can slip by and get into your filters. Be sure to change your air and cabin filter as needed.

Keep Up-to-Date on Regular Maintenance

Don't forget to have your big rig taken in every so often (on an annual basis at the bare minimum, depending on how many miles you put on your truck) for regular tune-ups and maintenance. This will ensure your semi truck is raring to go when you are.


Big Truck Hoods offers all of the semi truck parts for your big rig that you could need to keep it running and in tip-top shape. From aftermarket truck hoods and fenders to bumpers, headlights, and grills, we've got your needs covered. Shop all of our top make and model selections online today! 

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