What to Look For in a Big Rig Parts Dealer

When you’re searching for parts for your truck, it can be difficult to find a reliable source that has equipment that is up to standard. Read below about how to find yourself a quality parts provider and contact the experienced trucking team at Big Truck Hoods for OEM surplus hoods, as well as grilles, bumpers, headlights, and fender extensions today!

shaking handsAuthorized Dealers

Truck parts are produced en masse, which means that there are likely to be defects in certain parts over time. You shouldn’t gamble with your truck’s well-being every time that you set out on the road. Authorized dealers deal directly with the manufacturers to ensure that warranties are implemented and upheld. So, you can drive with the peace of mind that your big rig is in safe hands.

big rig serviceContinued Services

Buying a part for your big rig isn’t the end of the process. You should consider the after-market services for your parts. If you are looking for a quality big rig parts dealer, you’ll want to find someone who is able and willing to install and maintain their product reliably and consistently. That way, you can drive knowing that someone has your back in the event of a malfunction.

cost comparisonComparing Costs

The big rig industry is full of suppliers that range from reliable to low-quality. The same part can go for five times what it might be worth at a greedy competitor. Make sure that you do your research in order to find the best quality parts for your big rig.

driver checking watchTimeliness

When it comes to the world of shipping, it is important that everyone that is involved pay attention to the importance of timeliness. Finding a big rig equipment supplier that can give you an accurate and reliable timeline for the delivery and installation of your rig’s parts is crucial to keeping your schedule.


Don’t waste another minute dealing with secondhand auto parts shops that either don’t have what you need or can’t provide a quality product for your big rig. You deserve to drive your truck knowing that you have the best parts available.

Contact Big Truck Hoods in Decatur today for your trucking needs and browse our site to find what you need for your rig today!

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