Semi Truck Bumpers and Healthy Choices

Life on the road can be challenging. Due to the lifestyle, statistically, truck drivers have more health issues than the average person. They also have a shorter lifespan when compared to people with other careers.

The cramped work spaces and lack of exercise on the road are part of the reasons why this is true. These are just a couple of reasons why truckers aren't as healthy as they could be.

If staying fit is important to you, there are ways you can improve your health, even while you are out on the road. Many of these tips for staying healthy on the road are practical and easy to implement into your daily routine. So we don't want to hear any excuses.

Big Truck Hoods, your source for semi truck bumpers, offers these healthy tips for truck drivers.


However you can, you need to fit exercise into your daily routine if you are serious about getting fit and staying fit. Even if you can only manage to do 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there, every little bit helps. Ideally, you want to get between two and three hours of aerobic exercise a week.

That’s not to say to see the benefits of exercise you have to be at the gym pumping weights and sprinting on the treadmill. A brisk walk, which you complete a mile in under 20 minutes, is considered an aerobic workout.

The key is to find a workout or exercise that is right for you. Find something you enjoy doing, that is key to making sure you follow through.


Stress is a factor that deteriorates your health over time. Stress is directly related to weight gain, diabetes and heart disease. It is also linked to anxiety and depression. Basically, you need to find a way to take the edge off the stress you have,

Exercise is a good way to de-stress, you always feel better after a good workout. For many, a good book or funny movie makes them feel better about themselves. Really, anything that makes you feel calmer is good for you.


Make sure that you get at least eight good hours of sleep at night. It also helps if you get to bed at a regular time each night. Proper rest is vital to good health as it keeps your mind sharp and regenerates the body.


If you don't feel as though you are getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy, there is no shame in taking supplements.

Dump Junk Food

There are a lot of foods that you like that are really bad for you. And even if it is tough to do, you should avoid them. So ease up on the greasy cheeseburgers at the truck stops and the bags of potato chips you get at the convenience stores. It is these types of foods that clog your arteries and ultimately give you a heart attack.

Avoid Stimulants

The use of stimulants in the trucking industry was once rampant and commonplace. But studies have revealed just how much they have taken a toll on drivers.

While a cup or two of coffee is fine, six or seven cups of coffee simply aren't good for you. And energy drinks are just as bad.

Drink Water

We can’t stress the importance of staying hydrated while on the road. Well, at any time really. Your body doesn't give you the signal to drink water until it has already gone into dehydration. Which means you need to be sipping water on an ongoing basis to remain hydrated.

Keeping a water bottle with you at all times while on the road is a smart move.

Eat Healthy Foods

The key to eating healthy foods is to be consistent and eat them all day every day. A banana here and some veggies there isn't going to keep you healthy. In addition to containing lots of vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables help with digestion and support overall health.

So skip out on that chicken fried steak dinner and choose fruit and vegetables instead.

And with the money you save by staying healthy, you can afford that aftermarket hood from Big Truck Hoods for your rig. Shop now.
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