Semi Truck Bumpers and Staying Awake on the Road

Hitting the open road for a long haul and your eyelids are already drooping with the thought of having to stay awake while driving.

You are the type of person who can stay awake through almost anything. You can catch every word of a very boring presentation without so much as letting out a yawn. You can watch The English Patient, all three hours of it, without nodding off a once, even through the dreadfully dry and boring parts. And you have no problem getting through church service without nodding off, unlike the spouse.

But when you are on the road, there are times when you fight the urge to zone out and close your eyes for a quick snooze. Staying awake on the road can be a personal marathon event.

You aren’t the only one who struggles to stay awake and alert on the road. Big Truck Hoods, your source for semi truck bumpers, offers ways in which you can stay awake on your road trip.

Audio Books

Subscribe to an audio book service and load up your account with suspenseful books, humorous books and books of interest that will keep you awake and attentive while driving down the highways of America.

You will be surprised by the sheer number of books available in audio format. You are sure to find plenty of books that interest you.

Take Naps

When you feel your eyelids get super heavy, pull the rig over and take a 15-minute power nap. A power nap is the most effective way to refresh your brain and get you alert again.


We are long past the era of mixtapes, cassettes that you had a mix of music recorded. Take your digital music collection and portion it off into various playlists. You might have one playlist full of all the songs you loved when you were a teenager and another playlist filled with music you and your spouse adore.

Listening to the radio can get pretty monotonous. Even a good radio station will play some tunes you don’t like. Your playlists are full of the songs you love and want to hear, so you will want to stay awake through them.

Cool Down

Warm and cozy temperatures are synonymous with sleepy time. If you are starting to feel a little sleepy, crank down the window and let a blast of cold air wake you up.


When you feel your eyelids get heavy, stop and grab a cup of black coffee. The bitterness of the coffee will provide a quick jolt and you will feel awake after the caffeine hits your bloodstream.

Eat Something Healthy

When you are feeling drowsy, eat something that is low in sugar and high in protein. Avoid sugar because after slamming that jelly donut, your body will go into nap mode. Health food will give you the energy to stay awake.

If you are in the market for aftermarket semi truck hoods and bumpers, visit Big Truck Hoods. We have just what you are searching for.
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