Semi Truck Hoods and Places To Visit

If your New Year’s resolution is to celebrate the many cultures and sites in America, you need to get started right away. Any quest that will take you from sea to shining sea is going to take longer than a week. Heck, a week might not even be enough time for you to enjoy one attraction in three states. 

But if you are a truck driver, visiting attractions in each state is quite easy. Basically, you are getting paid to travel, just see if you can squeeze in some time to check out something interesting in each state.

The classic tourist attractions hold a certain amount of charm, but why talk about the Grand Canyon or Disneyland when you can tell others about the Historical Radio Museum or the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve.

Big Truck Hoods, your source for semi truck hoods and bumpers, offers you destinations you should see in America.


The next time you find yourself in Alabama, check out the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. This is where you will find the space camp that takes in aspiring astronauts at almost any age and trains them for intergalactic missions.

At the space camp, you will sleep in bunks, take part in lab activities and learn rocket principles by building and launching toy rockets.


A visit to Alaska calls for a visit to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge where you can watch polar bears live wild and free. This beautiful refuge is located in northern Alaska and consists of nearly 20,000,000 acres, plenty of room to stretch out your feet.

The coastal plain contains rolling hills, lakes and tundra vegetation. Caribou travel across the plain in the summer to give birth and raise their young and tens of thousands of snow geese stop here in the fall to feed before migrating south.


Located about 300 miles outside of central Phoenix is Monument Valley, where every view is worthy of a picture that can be framed.

Monument Valley provides perhaps the most famous and enduring images of the American West. The buttes surrounded by the isolated red mesas have been seen in countless films over the years.


Whitaker Point is one of the most romantic overlooks you will encounter in your lifetime, so make sure you bring the spouse along on this trip.

The stunning wildflowers in the spring and cascading waterfall make this a place you wouldn't want to miss. You'll know Whitaker Point when you see it. Take a few moments to appreciate its grandeur at a distance before hiking on around and stepping out onto the lofty perch it affords.


Visit Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve in the springtime and get ready for an eye-popping show as staged by Mother Nature.

The poppies open up at mid-morning and curl up in the late afternoon or when it gets too cold outside. Make sure you stay on the trail and don't step on the poppies or you will get a ticket.


When in Colorado, you have just got to go sandboarding at Great Sand Dunes National Park.

If you though snow skiing in Colorado was totally awesome, just wait until you shred down the tallest dunes in North America on a fiberglass board.


Stop in Pepe’s for lunch or dinner next time you are in Connecticut. Pepe’s is one of the oldest pizza joints in the country and their white clam pizza has been dubbed the best pizza in all of America.


The Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk is one of the only boardwalks in the United States that hasn’t lost its vintage vibe. It is precisely one mile long and offers ice cream cones form Kohr Brothers and a gourmet sandwich from Arena’s Deli.


There is no end to the entertainment options at Bok Tower Gardens. These tranquil gardens are open year round with concerts filling them with music daily.


Georgia is home to the Little Grand Canyon, a series of 150-foot deep gullies that make an incredible sight. Sure, it’s about 1/30th the depth of the real Grand Canyon, but this just means the view isn't quite as scary.

We have to end our tour right here, check back soon and we will continue our journey through the United States.

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